A smart interview prep platform to help you prepare for “that interview” and get your dream job.

Subin Kim, Jimmy Ciardullo, Acelyn Choi, Claire Zhang


Recruiting is difficult - the process could be extremely stressful and ambiguous to navigate and often end up being resource and time-consuming - and the global pandemic has made it even more so… is a smart interview prep platform designed to help students and professionals prepare for “that interview” to get their dream job. Built on a powerful web application with 460K+ real interview questions across 91K+ organizations and 100+ professions, provides diversified, intelligent, and automated support to users while creating a safe, accessible, and exploratory environment for preparing for their job applications and their next big interviews.

Throughout the development period, our team rebranded the web application from MockingJ to, delivering design assets (logo, color palette, typography) and mockups for existing pages consistent with the redefined website UI/UX. We implemented an interactive, animated landing page and a Manage Applications feature for the users to organize and manage upcoming interviews.



Week 0

  • Solidify project timeline with deadlines
  • Set up GitHub
  • Set up recurring meeting times with client and team

Week 1
  • Developers: user database setup
  • Designer: themes (color, design, font styles) and logo, begin revamping UI/UX for the overall website, as well as restructure components.

Week 2
  • Developers: user authentication, storing questions asked upon sign up
  • Designer: lo-fi mockup for landing page

Week 3
  • Developers: backend development manage applications page
  • Designer: hi-fi mockup for landing page

Week 4
  • Developers: front-end development of landing page
  • Designer: manage applications tab lo-fi mockup

Week 5
  • Spring Break — no meeting!

Week 6
  • Developers: front-end development manage applications page

Week 7
  • Deadline: first iteration of app with MVP features delivered to client

Week 8
  • Designer: creating Figma mock-ups of existing pages

Week 9
  • Developers: landing page animation
  • Designer: continue creating Figma mock-ups of existing pages

Week 10
  • Developers: implementing manage applications page intermediate view only pop-up page
  • Designer: tuning Figma mock-ups of existing pages given client feedback
Week 11
  • Deadline: Deliver!


Our biggest challenges came with working out the technicalities of implementing the client’s vision. On the backend, for example, we had to decide on what types of information to store in our application and user databases. We also had to figure out what routes to include and how to navigate between them in a way consistent with the user flows we were implementing. Although our developers had experience with React, exploring and learning how to use different UI libraries to implement the frontend in accordance with the client’s vision also posed a challenge for us. Through this project our team was able to gain more experience with the technicalities of implementing a vision for a project and the integration of frontend and backend.


  • Subin K: Building upon my experiences as a PM from last semester, I gained more insight into how to manage a project in a way that is optimal to both the client and the team. Keeping track of deliverables, timeline, etc.
  • Jimmy C: I gained more experience with implementing a Figma mock-up on the frontend as well as setting up a user database and authentication for the backend.
  • Acelyn C: I got to work with different React UI packages for landing page design, as well as the process of integrating the backend and frontend.
  • Claire Z: This was my first time designing for a client, and I learned how to translate their ideas into mockups.

Looking Forward

The next big step for would be to integrate the revamped design, UI/UX, landing page, and Manage Applications feature from this project into the existing web application (MockingJ is currently under closed beta testing). Given more time, an email reminder feature for the Manage Applications page would be our priority in building on the feature we implemented.