A yoga-practicing app with a plant friend!

Jimmy Ren, Isabel An, Janice Kim, Wendy Wu, Charles Cheng, Brandon Adiele, Tinatin Kokoshvili, Andrew Zhang


Want to start off your day right? Start it off by spending time with your plant-friend doing a yoga or meditation session, which will log your time and movements to give you the power to grow your plant-friend and you alongside it! Our AI-powered website will be able to monitor your progression through yoga workouts while you accumulate points and share your progress with friends.


Milestone 1

  • Layout the foundations of the website and project and readjust any features accordingly.
  • Have a rough outline of the website with basic features already created
Milestone 2
  • Finish the working TensorFlow.js application that will able to differentiate between poses
  • Finish the basic functionality of the web pages and begin working on the appearances


  • Generating the data from pose estimation
  • Creating the CNN model
  • Working on firebase connection


  • Integrating the machine learning into our website
  • Firebase was a little difficult to integrate into the site

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we could continue to expand our project by:

  • Adding more social media features (sharing onto facebook, instagram, etc)
  • Adding friends
  • Favoriting exercises and adding more yoga poses