A petition website that allows Penn students to make an impact.

Janna Goliff, Ahmed Laban, Helena Zhang, Aryan Nagariya, Janice Kim


Last semester, Math 104 students tried to petition for more course resources. Their petition was held on and garnered over 500 signatures. However, it was rejected by the Penn Administration, which stated that petitions from third-party websites are prone to be signed by non-Penn students. To address this issue, we created Penntitions, a website in which only Penn students can access. In it, students can start, sign, and share petitions. This will allow them to make their voices heard and to push for greater changes.


Milestone 1

  • Design the website.
Milestone 2
  • Program website logic/functionality.
Final Milestone
  • Finalized website and minor details.


  • Technical difficulties - when we tried to run and test the project, nothing would show up. The entire team looked up and tried different solutions and we solved this problem together.
  • Coordinating with Penn Administration to get access to PennInTouch and PennKey APIs.


  • Development process of a web application - since most members do not have any web dev experience, this was a good and meaningful introduction to web application development, starting from the development process, version control with Github, and learning how to use React, Tailwind, etc.
  • Version control with Github -- Merge, Creating branches, moving branches
  • React
  • NPM
  • Tailwind
  • Figma

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we could continue to expand our project by:

  • Ading files and images when creating a petition page.
  • Add location for petitions.
  • Filter and recommend petitions based on school and major.