A streamlined website where artists can upload their portfolios, order/complete commissions, and where recruiters can find and recruit talent.

Norman Chen, Maggie Yu, Elaine Fan


  • Portfolio-building and social platform where users can upload their art and provide commissions, and where recruiters go to find and recruit talent.
  • Aimed towards student artists, recruiters, and consumers looking for affordable and personalized artwork.
  • Web application built with NodeJS, ExpressJS, handlebars (frontend) and MongoDB (backend):
    • Handlebars used for HTML formatting.
    • Multer (Node.JS middleware) used to support multiple image processing.
    • MongoDB schemas for images, info, and account info.


Our project had three major milestones, detailed below:

Milestone 1

  • Have a wireframe of the pages and basic features, as well as a list of frontend/backend programs necessary to build the project (MERN stack + user security?)
Milestone 2
  • Creating a MVP that supports image uploads and a login screen.
  • Finalizing logo design and implementing onto application.
Final Milestone
  • Finalizing specific functions (i.e. adding descriptions, names, supporting different file types).
  • Finalizing frontend design.


  • Smaller team = more work and knowledge required per team member
  • Picking up new frontend and backend languages (Handlebars, Multer, MongoDB)
  • Working with busy schedules (midterms and finals)


  • Teamwork is dream work!
  • Setting ambitious goals are okay but it is important to pivot and think realistically given different circumstances.
  • Learning new languages from scratch can be very challenging but rewarding.
  • It’s important to take breaks and check in with your team members outside of work.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we could continue to expand our project by:

  • Improving features and and the UI.
  • Implementing more concepts learned in class and workshops.
  • Testing the app with real students and deploying the application to the public.