Ureka Health

Giving health and wellness a fresh new look.

Na Lee, Arush Mehrotra, Haley Kang, Yuni Kim, Myka Salvacion, Chelsea Cheng


Ureka Health, a social discovery platform focused on health and wellness, is on a mission to make healthy living for the everyday consumer easier. Ureka transforms the current product search experience: navigating generic articles and overwhelming product options into a more personalized, efficient, and trusted experience. The platform will focus on healthier skin first!



Week 1-4
Understanding the client’s needs, proposing branding re-design
Week 5-8
Completed wireframe, mockups, and prototype
Week 9-12
Implementation of the prototype, re-iteration with client, then deployment


Making and sticking to a timeline that clearly listed out all of the different components needed for the website and figuring out how to find and present a complete skincare product database.


Communicate often with the client, make objectives clear, and break work down into smaller chunks!

Looking Forward

Ureka will be implementing a marketplace to discover and buy products directly from the platform and thinking about expanding to include other wellness products.