Gather around. Hangout offline.

Janice Kim, Isabel An, Joyce He


Bonfire is an iOS app where students can discover places, events, and special experiences to hangout on campus and/or in their city. With Bonfire, users get to see what everyone around them is up to and can spontaneously find something interesting to do and people to do it. While social media apps like Instagram or Facebook show you what people have been up to after the event has happened, Bonfire shows users what people are going to be up to.

Technologies Used: Figma, Illustrator


Our project had the following timeline:

Week 1: Social Media Templates - Moonboarding, Drafting, Send Final Deliverable
Week 2: Branding Guidelines - Moodboarding / Research, Logo Redesign + Color Palette, Illustrations & Iconography, Send Final Deliverable
Week 3: Mock-Up Feedback + Redesigns - Feedback on Previous Designs, Additional Mock-Ups


  • Client communication: As our clients were peers/Penn students, with busy schedules and difficult course loads, it was difficult to coordinate with and meet with our client to receive feedback and client input on deliverables and design needs.
  • Timeline: Because the beta test launch was postponed, we found delays in feedback as well as little user testing. Thus, we had to base our designs on our perception of the prototype.


  • Janice K: Learning how to utilize client feedback to reiterate on deliverables and mockups
  • Isabel A: Being flexible when working with clients and knowing when to switch gears. Learning how to fully utilize Figma.
  • Joyce H: I learned a great deal about the process and details involved in making a good UI as well as how to use Figma.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we could continue to expand our project by:

  • As Bonfire just launched its beta version publically to Penn students earlier this month, we anticipate a lot of user testing and feature design iterations in the future.